How to clean your handmade jewelry

Your jewelry holds a lot of sentimental value for you, and you want to be able to cherish it for as long as possible, right? Taking good care of your valuable jewelry does not have to be a high-maintenance endeavor! 

Here are five easy tips for taking care of your jewelry.

#1  Showering, swimming, and heavy perspiration are all good reasons to remove your jewelry. It's no secret that sterling silver, copper, and brass are not particularly fond of the chemicals found in water or on our skin.

#2  Make use of a jewelry box or zip bag to store your precious jewels. This will assist to keep them bright longer, and it will reduce the amount of cleaning required.

#3  Using the polishing pad that was provided with your order or a jewelry cloth can help to keep metal looking bright and fresh. Simply rub the pad along the metal with a gentle motion, and you will see a trace of black on it. That is expected to occur, so don't be concerned.

#4  This one is a little strange, but don't clean your jewelry using jewelry cleaner, ketchup, or steak sauce! Yes, you did read that correctly. lol

LAST but not least...

#5  Here's a little insider information. Keep your jewelry in a zip-top baggie with a piece of teacher's chalk. Chemicals in the air which cause metal to tarnish will be absorbed by the chalk. Even the most precious sturdy metals require loving care from time to time.